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How about the market application of aluminum alloy stage truss products?

Apr 02, 2018

In modern society, aluminum alloy stage truss is a powerful tool for many enterprises to promote sales and display. Besides, aluminum alloy stage truss is needed for business exhibition, advertising promotion, recruitment, various publicity occasions, wedding performances, etc.


And when we choose aluminum alloy stage truss, we need to compare it and choose a better product that is more suitable for ourselves. The product has the advantages of green environmental protection, fashionable and beautiful, portable and durable, convenient transportation and rapid assembly. For example, aluminum alloy truss lighting rack can play the role of displaying goods, conveying information and promoting sales.


In order to meet the requirements of different users, the aluminum alloy stage trusses include many styles and grades, so that in practical applications, the users can choose more room for their own needs. If the show is not particularly large, and for a long time not to remove the movement, the standard 1.0mm cable-stayed standard 5mm outer frame 220mm*220mm is the best cost performance aluminum alloy stage, with the wooden stage plate, so the aluminum alloy stage price is very cost-effective.


Aluminum alloy stage truss is a truss which is made of aluminum alloy as the main material in the truss series. Therefore, the aluminum alloy truss will have the advantages of light quality, beautiful appearance, convenient transportation, strong compression and corrosion resistance and high reuse rate. Therefore, aluminum alloy truss is widely used in various truss building activities.


Because of this, the application of aluminum alloy stage truss is more and more extensive. Then, what occasions can aluminum alloy stage truss be applied to? According to the practical application, the aluminum alloy stage truss can be used with the light and sound frame and the stage background frame, and it is very delicate, or the special exhibition place is built by the ordinary aluminum alloy truss, round aluminum alloy truss and aluminum alloy truss, and it can also be built into the wedding stage, the wedding banquet and so on.