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Hot sales and high quality Aluminum mobile tower

Apr 05, 2017

                        Hot sales and high quality Aluminum mobile tower

Aluminum mobile tower

Packing way:Air Bubble Film
Feature as below:
1.It’s easy to assemble,not only can be used individually, but also can assemble to be large structures which used on elevator, stairs, site construction, etc.
2.Aluminum alloy material is lightweight but solid and strong.Also can effectively improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor;
3.Horizontal and diagonal brace adopts single pipe design which can save space.All parts are compact and can save a lot of space, so as to provide users with the most convenient storage and transportation;
4.Casters with strong bearing capacity which can effectively protect the ground, with castor mobile, solve the problem of large tracts of the scaffolding;
5.Vertical ladder frame can increase the effective bearing area of work and  decrease installation time.
6.Platform can be set up to different positions according to specific height.
7.Different type of accessories can be chose to satisfy the varies of projects.

Installation instructions:
1.There has horizontal brace and diagonal brace on aluminum mobile tower,the length of horizontal brace is equal to the platform length.
Firstly, assemble the castor to the first floor frame with a small but strong pin to connect with each other.
2.Then use two horizontal braces to fix two frames in a same horizontal position.
Keep one frame standing and fix the diagonal brace on the frame,then the first floor will be stable.(Check the frame if it it vertical)
3.Then put the platform on the the first floor,repeat above actions according to the height. If the height is more than 6m,please assemble the out-trigger immediately.
When assemble to the top floor,connect the guardrail frame with horizontal brace.And put the toe board on the top platform which prevents tools from missing to hurt somebody when working.
4.Finally check if the pin has locked, adjust the bottom of the raid wheel whether it has contact with the ground.

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