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High-altitude safety construction for building aluminum alloy scaffolding

Aug 15, 2019

At present, due to the frequent occurrence of traditional steel pipe scaffolding, construction companies have paid more and more attention to the importance of safety in aerial work. More and more construction sites have banned the use of traditional steel pipe scaffolding, which is cumbersome and frequent. Aluminum scaffolding originated from European safety standards. At present, regular manufacturers design and manufacture aluminum scaffolds in strict accordance with EU safety standards. There are many safety standards in the market that do not understand Europe, and even how to configure aluminum scaffolding accessories. It is safe to build. It only pays attention to the production of aluminum scaffolding in many details and imitates the traditional manufacturers with more than ten years of production experience. It also creates a lot of hidden dangers for safety and is not conducive to the promotion of aluminum scaffolding.

Since 2009, our company has been engaged in the manufacture of aluminum alloy scaffolding. It is manufactured in strict accordance with the safety standards of the European Union. The materials are sufficient. Due to the safety issues involved in aerial work, we are not afraid to choose materials and processing every step of the product. Sloppy. The aluminum scaffolds produced have been widely used in construction sites, such as Wanda Tourism and Culture City, Foxconn Zengcheng Factory Building, Country Garden Cloud Cube and other large real estate development enterprise construction units have established good relations, product safety performance and easy to use gender. These companies are recognized.https://www.aluscaffold.com/