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Heavy duty aluminum stage truss performance characteristics and quality assurance

Nov 19, 2018

The heavy duty aluminum stage truss has strong load-bearing performance and high straightness, which can meet the requirements of special occasions. The product has beautiful appearance, high installation precision and convenient assembly and disassembly. As for the structural design, it can be carried out according to the specific requirements such as the size, specifications and shape provided by the customer.


1. The load capacity is large, and the heavy-duty aluminum alloy truss bears strong gravity;

2, large stroke, truss span is large, usually heavy aluminum profiles are 6 meters long, can be customized according to user requirements;

3, high precision, high straightness of aluminum profiles, to solve the deformation requirements of large span and high load bearing;

4, oxidation resistant, aluminum alloy truss used in the surface of the aluminum oxide film thickness of up to 13μ, 30% higher than the national standard, to adapt to more harsh environments.


At the same time, in order to further ensure the quality of the products, in addition to strict selection of materials, the processing requirements are also very strict. We have a professional truss positioning platform, the hole position of the mold is precisely installed and disassembled, and the effect is very stable and beautiful. And the use of materials to ensure the safe use of heavy-duty aluminum alloy trusses.