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General use of DJ flight case

Jun 15, 2019

With the development of the times, the general transportation packaging of many high-tech products can not be satisfied, and now the high value of high-tech products determines the carrier of the product. The DJ flight case has a high protection function to ensure the safety and stability of the product.


DJ flight case is made of hardened multi-layer plywood and ABS fireproof board is nailed into wooden box. The sides of the wooden box are made of aluminum alloy profiles with certain thickness and strength. Each corner of the box body is made of high-strength metal ball wrap angle and alloy. The aluminum edge and the splint are fixedly connected, and the bottom of the box body is combined with a PU wheel with strong bearing capacity and wear resistance.


DJ air box body can be installed according to the characteristics of the product. The inner side of the box and the partition plate are attached with softer EVA composite solid returning material. The material has light weight, heat preservation, shockproof, moisture proof, flameproof, anti-oxidation and sealing functions. .


The internal and external structure and materials of the DJ air box determine the advantages of fire protection, waterproof, anti-shock, and maneuverability of the air box, and the color of the fire board is visually more beautiful. The air box is not only beautiful in appearance but also widely used. I don't know if you have found it. We often watch TV. Many variety shows, TV series, etc. can see the figure of the air box.