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Functional application of aluminum folding ladder and inspection of landing operation

Dec 12, 2018

The aluminum alloy folding ladder is versatile and easy to carry and can be used in different occasions. So what kind of use can the multifunctional aluminum folding ladder be used for? Considering the big aspect, it can be used in engineering, family, office and other work situations. From the specific analysis, it can be used for advertising installation, security monitoring, air conditioning installation, curtain installation, property, indoor and outdoor office.


When using the aluminum alloy folding ladder, it is necessary to carry out the operation check before going up the ladder. At this time, it should be noted that the inclination angle of the vertical ladder should be maintained at 75 degrees, and there should be a special escalator when going up the ladder. The folding ladder rests on the railing. When it is used in a single straight ladder, it is used on the pipeline and the upper end must be fastened.


During the process of folding aluminum alloy ladders for industrial use, the uppermost layer of the ladder must not be stood and the legs must be placed on the ladder pedal. When using the folding ladder, it should be confirmed whether it is completely fixed. The folding ladder of 4 meters or more must be assisted by others. In short, check that the ladder is good before use and troubleshoot before working. After the work is completed, the aluminum folding ladder needs to be folded and placed in the storage position.