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From which aspects to determine the quality of aluminum ladder?

Aug 23, 2017

Although the ladder material has a lot of choice, but with the development trend of light weight more and more obvious, so the aluminum ladder in many products stand out. As the name suggests, aluminum ladder is made of aluminum ladder, compared with other ladder in addition to the difference between the material, the shape has also undergone some changes.


As aluminum ladder is often used for high operations, so in order to ensure the safety of its use, we must choose high-quality products. On the quality of aluminum ladder can be observed by many aspects to be correctly judged, mainly related to the aluminum ladder of the material, workmanship, tolerance and so on.


First of all, to determine whether the aluminum ladder used aluminum meet the requirements, you can observe the material through the gloss and surface treatment is smooth to judge. Generally good aluminum ladder used in the aluminum structure are relatively close, feel the touch will obviously feel different.


Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder 1.jpg

Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder

And then open the aluminum ladder to check its work, if the ladder opened a squeaky sound, it shows that this is definitely not a good aluminum ladder, because the high-quality aluminum ladder, whether it is open or wall thickness, will not produce abnormal sound. In addition to the sound, but also look at the aluminum ladder on the use of rivets, locks and pedal device status, if these aluminum ladder on the loose parts of these parts or the gap is too large, there will be security risks.


In order to prevent the quality of the poor aluminum ladder in the inspection of the bearing force when we are injured, you need to check the aluminum ladder to bear the number of how much. In the case of tolerance and weight, the test of the aluminum ladder can be checked in person.


If the aluminum ladder material, workmanship and load-bearing capacity and so can meet the requirements, then prove that the product is qualified, you can rest assured that it will be put into practical applications for people to provide a great convenience.


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