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Folding aluminum platform step ladder features

Jun 08, 2019

The folding aluminum platform step ladder is mainly used for high-altitude operation of the workers in the fan and the tower during use, to ensure the maximum safety of the operator and improve the safety factor of the operation. The foldable aluminum ladder is made of aviation aluminum and has excellent quality. Rugged, safe and comfortable.

Folding aluminum ladder features


1, detachable position, multiple security protection, level 2 protection.


2, the stick on all sides of the anti-skid pattern, the armrests on both sides of the anti-skid pattern, all-round protection of the safety.


3, the only flanging process Break through 2mm wall thickness, smooth and beautiful, safe and durable.


4, through CE certification, exceeding the European EN131 standard, armrest, step bar wall thickness 2mm, longitudinal bearing capacity 340kg, lateral force 400kg without permanent deformation, all-round security.


Foldable aluminum ladder function


1. The anti-skid pattern on the four sides of the stick, the anti-skid pattern on both sides of the armrest, guarantees the safety of the grab.


2. The safety guide rail has an extra wide wall thickness of 3mm, and it can withstand 600kg concentrated load without permanent deformation, asymmetric

The front compartment prevents misuse.


3. The safety rail rear compartment is easy to connect with the aluminum ladder, easy to adjust, ensuring smooth connection from top to bottom.


4, the safety rails slide in the front cabin, smart and light to prevent separation. Mechanical brake, not affected by oil and other environmental influences, the stopping distance is 70mm, and the safety is zero.