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Folding aluminum ladder unique design and use advantages

Aug 23, 2017

Ladder in people's daily life is quite extensive, but the traditional ladder now seems to be more and more not applicable, not only the weight, bulky, and difficult to collect. In order to solve this series of problems, the market out of a folding aluminum ladder, much people love.


Compared to the early wooden ladder, bamboo ladder and other structures, the appearance of aluminum ladder has brought us a lot of benefits, because it is very light weight, and structural strength is also better. At the same time on this basis to improve the folding aluminum ladder, but also to the user has brought great convenience.


When the folding aluminum ladder just appeared, when the fold can only be set according to their joints set three or four times, so still have a considerable length and thickness, or inconvenient to carry and storage. So after a series of improvements, the effective overcoming these problems.


After the completion of the folding aluminum ladder on both sides of the vertical bar with a hinge design, it can be deployed upright or folded collapsed, and easy to use and collection, carrying the effect; and in each pedal at both ends of the control seat, The control seat is provided with a pivot shaft and an engaging lever, so as to be engaged and fixed to prevent movement.

Aluminum Telescopic Ladder 1.jpg

 Aluminum Telescopic Ladder 1.jpg

It can be seen that this folding aluminum ladder has a more reliable security, so that operations become more stable, can effectively prevent a variety of unexpected situations. In particular, the unique structure of the design, not only can effectively stabilize the folding aluminum ladder, but also in the Shoulong easy to store and carry, expand the day when most of the work needs.


As a result of folding aluminum ladder in the use of a professional bracing system, it can greatly improve its support strength, not only to prevent the twist foot twist bending, but also more effective to prevent damage to the ladder, making folding aluminum ladder more durable The

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