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Folding aluminum ladder design requirements and versatility

Sep 05, 2017

Folding aluminum ladder is the main items of civil engineering, in use can help staff on the site high and low, such as its activities staircase, staircase with time to open, run out together to facilitate the transfer. Folding aluminum ladder in the production requirements of its work must be solid and solid.


Now the folding aluminum ladder construction supplies store for sale, the size can be effectively divided into large, medium and fine standard size, but in order to request, the user has a special tailor made "long version" or homemade wooden ladder , The ladders of the ladders are the commonly used modular coupons for the cleaning industry.

Multi-function folding aluminum ladder features a variety, easy to carry, in the course of the use of a variety of occasions, under normal circumstances, the product's bearing capacity of 150-200 kg, destructive testing of 375 kg, especially for telecommunications , Mobile, power supply and lighting and other long-term external operations users.

Folding aluminum ladder its surface using anodic oxidation is very beautiful, to a certain extent, effectively ensure that the ladder with a long time after it will not appear its color and bubbles and other phenomena, folding aluminum ladder is the primary choice for most users, for people's safety and ladder The long-term use has an important significance.


Aluminum Multi-Purpose Ladder 1.jpg

Aluminum Telescoping Multi-Position Ladder

Folding aluminum ladder in the design, the ladder can only be used one person, people with the items carried, tools, etc., can not be greater than the load on the ladder warning. When you buy a ladder and must be checked before each use, make sure that all the rungs are secure. Whether the extension can be locked tightly. Please do not climb the damaged, curved ladder.

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