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Floral arrangement and lighting arrangement for the aluminum wedding stage

Jan 23, 2019

The aluminum wedding stage starts from the background when the wedding stage is arranged. The background of the wedding stage can reflect the style and grade of the wedding, so it is very important to arrange the background of the stage. The background of the wedding stage is best to choose the color of warm colors, so it looks warmer, you can also add some veils and some small accessories to add to the fun of the wedding.

Floral arrangement of aluminum wedding stage

Flowers are the most used elements in the wedding arrangement. Whether it is around the stage or signing table, and the table where champagne and cake are placed, flowers can be arranged. Flowers can choose roses, lilies, etc., but the cost of real flowers is compared. High, you can use some fake flowers to arrange the wedding.

Lighting arrangement for aluminum wedding stage

At the wedding, a variety of lights are usually arranged to express the atmosphere of the wedding, and the guests can be more focused on the newcomers.