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Flexibility of portable plywood stage

Dec 06, 2017

Flexibility is one of the important factors we consider when choosing.Flexibility and versatility can play a big role when we change the design and layout of the aluminum portable plywood stage according to the actual situation.
Many stage planners have been attracted because of good flexibility. Aluminum truss used in this system  not only has stable structure, but also has beautiful appearance in large aspect, sensitive change to meet various indoor and outdoor activities.For example, it is very popular in various fashion shows, product launches, celebrations, studio and other activities.
What is the basic composition of the aluminum portable plywood stage?The main component is movable frame which is made of aluminum alloy and convenient for storage.And it's small and easy to transport.The stage board is composed of aluminum alloy, the quality of the parts will directly affect the bearing capacity of the stage, so it is very important to select the high quality stage board.
Compared with the traditional stage, the difference between aluminium portable stage respectively  embodied in three aspects: first, its structure is safe, stable and elegant to adapt all kinds of bad environment;Second, there are many kinds of combined features to stretch infinite space;Third, it is flexible, fast and convenient to store.