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Features of aluminum mobile tower

Dec 21, 2019

1.Material: Aluminum alloy

2.Feature: Professional welders and engineers to ensure high quality Aluminum scaffolding .

3.Application: Exhibition setup- Interior refurbishing, All the towers can be connected together for multi-purpose

Products advantages:

Special design can be used for limited space, such as narrow footpath and passage,

It can be built in the elevator or other stair.

Steady and parts high utilize rate. Our ladder has enough strength, while you only need spend short time to remove and put all of them into microbus, easy to carrying.


Products Feature:

1. Flexible frame parts ensure you increase work height 0.5m step by step, erect height you need. 2. Easy handling and structures can be a single set of independent use.

3. Use aviation aluminum alloy materials durable, stable and reliable.

4. Work platform can be built in each rung, two rung interval 0.4m.

5. Passed SGS safety standard and GS certification.


Products detail:

1. Frame: width 0.75m, height 1.5m, 2m, handrail: width 0.75m, height 1m.

2. Single width: Can choose: 750*2000mm, 750*2500mm, 750*3000mm.

3. Tower height: Can choose from 2m to 10m, special design can be up to 20m.

4. Carrying capacity: total load 900kg, each plank max 272kg.

5. Materials: Dia 50mm, aluminum alloy 6082-T6/6061-T6.

6. Thickness: 3.0m.