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Features and advantages of truss booth with spigot connection

Jan 16, 2019

The truss stand with socket connection has many advantages when it is used. The stage is the place to show the performance, the direction to show the art, the most commonly used equipment in the stage celebrations, and the necessary items for all activities, the stage. It is the cornerstone of the scene of the staff, the specifications of the event, and the scene of the event HTC. Therefore, the importance of stage construction is self-evident.

Characteristics of the truss stand stage with socket connection:

1. The stage brackets are all detachable, easy to store and transport, and can be used as needed.

2. Good stability, large bearing capacity, stage board and bracket, can bear 700KG per square.

3. The height can be adjusted according to the needs, which can solve the problem of uneven ground and high and low stairs. It is one of the most ideal equipment for temporary performance and exhibition construction.

4. Stage column: Same as the steel pipe used for scaffolding, the fixing screws at the bottom are fixed together with the adjustment base.

5. Stage connection board: used to connect adjacent four stage boards.