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Fast assembling and non-deformable aluminum alloy truss

Jun 01, 2018

Aluminum alloy truss has fast assembly and is not easily deformed! It is quick to assemble, easy to transport, space-saving, long-lived, and strong load-bearing is the preferred product for large-scale celebrations, car booth construction, weddings, and commercial performances.


Aluminum alloy truss specifications 1.22mX1.22m, 1.22mX2.44m, commonly used in two specifications, a height of 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, etc., aluminum alloy truss material after our senior welder welding, The new welding technology, the assembly line operation, was carefully created, the first welding, the second polishing, the third grinding, the fourth packaging, after a step-by-step process. We use high quality materials to create high quality aluminum alloy truss, excellent quality, low price, good service, won the praise of our customers.


When the truss welding is finished, because the liquid from the original becomes the solid weld metal, the volume is shortened and the remaining stress in the weld will cause you to deform. The cooling of one weld affects each other. As a result, the truss is deformed. In addition to the rigidity of the stage truss material, the orientation of the weld in the plan, as well as the dimensions, number, characteristics of the material, methods, etc., are all elements that cause deformation of the truss.


Once the truss is deformed, it can easily constitute a tragedy. The truss truss is an unevenly heated whole in the welding process. During the heating process, the truss slats are deformed and stretched along the length of the weld and other undesirable effects occur. Tensile stress occurs around the circumference, causing the truss truss to distort, due to deformation of the joint arm that occurs in the weld metal.


Our aluminum alloy truss materials were first purchased after passing the national inspection. And our aluminum alloy truss truss products are inexpensive, high quality and low price. Aluminum alloy trusses have many advantages over other trusses, so the use of aluminum alloy trusses is becoming more widespread.