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Expert in Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding

Jan 17, 2018

Rapid Aluminum- a wealth of experience from finishing various types of projects in design, production and construction, professionally in providing custom-made scaffolding for, building maintenance, refurbishments and new builds. We will work closely to you for well understanding your needs, no matter what the size of your project is.
Advantages of aluminum in Rapid Aluminum Alloy Mobile Scaffolding  

Light weight,
This scaffolding is made of Aluminum Alloy, which the weight is one third of the steel material, it is easy and more efficiency in assembling , moving and storage. And can avoid any damage to the floor in some case

Safe and firm structure
Fully well welded "T" set for long life and robust construction, firm platform with all joints tightly engaged. Our joint is distributed with 4100-4400kg, much stronger than the permitted one with 2100kg. Each deck can stand the weight of 275kg and the complete tower of 900kg.

Easy assembling & dismantling
Aluminum mobile tower ,"toy bricks" design, no additional assembling tools needed. An aerial platform of 12m will be assembled by two persons within a short time.
And easy transit with castors, that it can be moved and locked easily and work at different places.

Highly applicability
It can be designed and assembled in any ways to meet all kinds of operation and any special maintenance in all working sites.
Erected on stairways and difficult terrain, and the castors prevent any damages on the floor, wood floor and the lawn.

Long lifetime for Aluminum tower
Rust-proof, corrosion-proof, maintenance free for all parts of the scaffolding, which provides itself a lifespan of 30 years more.

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