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Experience of choosing aluminum mobile scaffolding

Aug 27, 2018

Currently on the market, mostly use steel scaffolding, which is heavy and difficult in installation. But aluminum mobile scaffolding,a new type of scaffolding,which is a third of the weight of the traditional steel scaffolding and easy to install, does not need to use any wrench, tools, such as screws can be installed with his hands, and a layer can be litigated, even a girl can easily install easily.It is very convenient to use.

But there are many manufacturers produce aluminum scaffolding, good or bad mixed up, welding structure, there is a direct, cold-press connection of butt welding, the aluminum scaffolding is light so that it should be paid attention to detail, design and production materials, production is very important, otherwise can cause a lot of potential safety problems, poor quality, struggling to installation, after installation to use, shaking the world, there is a big brand such as SGB company aluminum alloy scaffolding, aluminum mobile scaffolding, such as Britain Ireland company of the UpRight,But now these good aluminum mobile scaffolding introduced into domestic brand, are the domestic manufacturers have not like appearance imitation, materials and workmanship are badly shrunk, after our company many years of experience in building construction using aluminum alloy scaffolding, tried a lot of aluminum alloy scaffolding brand manufacturers at home and abroad, currently in the domestic market, better than the best is the bar production of bar, the company brand aluminum alloy scaffolding, the company has the world's more advanced production technology and experience of the aluminum alloy scaffolding, in domestic has a history of more than eighteen years production history.