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Endurance and insulation of outdoor stage fashion show stage

Nov 09, 2018

The outdoor stage fashion show stage is energy-resistant, alkaline and weather-resistant. It does not cause yellowing and hydrolysis due to years of rain and sun. The outdoor stage performance stage has a long service life and other materials. Compared with the product, the service life is longer than three years.

The outdoor stage performance has good light transmission and can reach more than 92%. The required light intensity is small, saves electric energy, and has strong impact resistance when used. Generally, it is sixteen times of ordinary glass, suitable for installation in special A safe zone is needed.

The outdoor stage performance has excellent insulation performance and is suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment. The weight of the whole product is light, and it is lighter than ordinary glass when used. The load on the building and the bracket is small, and the whole product is bright and bright. Other materials are not comparable. It has strong plasticity, large shape change, easy processing and forming; high recovery rate, which is recognized by the increasingly environmental awareness.