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Drainage measures for 2m aluminum scaffolding

May 27, 2019

The 2m aluminum scaffolding is equipped with high-rise scaffolding. The various materials used in the operation must meet the requirements of its quality. The foundation of the 2 m high scaffold must be firm, calculated before the erection, meet the load requirements, and set up according to the construction specifications. Good drainage measures.


The technical requirements for the erection of 2 m high scaffolding shall comply with the relevant regulations. All kinds of construction measures must be highly valued: scissors support, tie points, etc. should be set as required. Horizontal closure: From one step, every step or step, full of scaffolding or scaffolding, the scaffolding board is laid along the long direction, the joints should be placed on the small crossbar, and the short board is strictly forbidden. And the system of safety and security is laid every four steps between the pole and the wall.


The 2 m high scaffolding is vertically closed. From the second step to the fifth step, each step requires a 1.00 m high protective sample railing and a footrest or a net, a guard bar (net) and a pole buckle on the inside of the outer row of the pole. In the fifth step or above, in addition to the protective barriers, all safety or safety nets shall be provided; in the streets or inhabited areas, the safety and safety nets shall be provided from the second step.