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Double width vertical ladder scaffold

Dec 29, 2017

Mobile quick - installed aluminum scaffolding, a simple and quick installation of aluminum alloy material made of scaffolding, with adjustable caster, can move, scaffolding work platform area large, assemble to work safety and stability, no scattered parts, easy installation.
You can build it easily with any tool.
Due to the good performance of the free combination of aluminum alloy scaffolds, high mobility, stable safety, light weight, fast disassemble, and transportation
The advantage of convenient transportation is the ideal choice for the maintenance of clean overhaul and maintenance.
Aluminum double width mobile ladder scaffolding, for you to provide a wide range of scaffold combination,a construction industry and combination.This kind of ladder structure can save the workbench space and reduce the time of climbing frame.The working platform can be set at any level of the tower, with a height of 50CM at each level.The compact assembly performance gives the scaffold an unquestionable flexibility and greatly improves utilization.Also,the price will be less than double width scaffolding.
Technical indicators
Length: 2.0 m, 2.5m or 3.0m
Width: 1.35 m
Safe weight:
Each working table can weigh 270 kilograms
The total weight of the tower frame is 900 kg
The working height can be up to 40 meters