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Domestic scaffolding industry development process

Sep 06, 2018

After the reform and opening up, with the development of the economy, the demand for construction has expanded, and the demand for construction safety equipment has also increased. The development of the domestic scaffolding industry has the most obvious three characteristics.

Features 1. Development of scaffolding materials

Scaffolding materials tend to be light, high-strength, standardized, assembled, and multi-functional. The main materials are gradually developed from wood and bamboo to metal products, while scaffolding materials are developed from fasteners and bolts to thin-walled steel and aluminum alloy products.

Features 2. Scaffolding structure development Scaffolding structure has experienced three development stages from ordinary fastener-type steel pipe scaffolding, bowl-button hand frame, door type scaffolding and disc-type scaffolding.

Feature 3: Development of scaffolding business model

The initial scaffolding business only has a sales business, and the model is relatively rigid; the development model that is developed to the later stage of sales and leasing is more flexible and can meet diversified needs; in the future, scaffolding enterprises not only provide sales and leasing of scaffolding, Later scaffolding installation, maintenance and maintenance as one.