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Domestic aluminum alloy truss market

May 30, 2018

General aluminum alloy truss is used in the specifications of the size of more than 300 * 300MM, 400 * 400MM, 400 * 500MM, 400 * 600MM, 520 * 760MM, 600 * 760MM. Like large-scale performances using 520 * 760MM, 600 * 760MM, if the span of more than 30 meters above the ultra-long span requirements, it is necessary to use reinforced large aluminum alloy truss. For small and medium-sized performances, only 300*300MM and 400*400MM are used.


Due to the need of use, the design of the truss plant has made the truss construction span a great deal. It is a type of truss often used for indoor and outdoor exhibitions. There are screw connection holes at both ends of the truss to connect the trusses, and they can be connected and assembled in any of five planes. It is very convenient for the truss to be connected without a square head.


The aluminum alloy truss structure is solid and stable, and the support structure is reasonable. It does not use the facilities and facilities to hang, and it is safe in shape, uniform in painting and beautiful in appearance. Because it has a wide range of applications, high security performance, easy installation and removal, beautiful appearance, and simple maintenance and other excellent features, it is used by performance companies, exhibition companies, hotels, schools and other units throughout the country. The components are easy to install, detachable, and reusable. In the past few years, they have been widely used in performances, weddings, exhibitions, and various ceremonies.


At present, domestic aluminum alloy truss performance companies, leasing companies generally buy aluminum alloy screw truss, with the continuous development of the stage market, the requirements for the rapid construction of the stage equipment is getting higher and higher. The aluminum alloy truss is distinguished from its structure and can be basically divided into an aluminum alloy screw truss and an aluminum alloy quick insert truss. We believe that the aluminum alloy quick-insertion truss will slowly replace the aluminum alloy screw truss.


The characteristics of screw-type truss and quick-insertion truss are analyzed as follows:

The bolt rack is beautiful, the installation and installation are also very fast, and the safety bearing capacity is strong. The general rental price for aluminum alloy trusses in Guangzhou is RMB 40/m, and the rental price for bolt racks is RMB 50/m. Because the purchase cost of the bolt frame is higher than that of the screw frame, the rental price of the bolt frame is also higher than that of the screw frame.

Although the screw rack is more troublesome than the bolt rack, it is not easily deformed and has good bearing capacity.