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DJ triangle lighting truss technology advantages

Nov 15, 2018

DJ triangle lighting truss can be completed directly on the ground during the construction and splicing process, which can reduce the working point of aerial work, and the safety and efficiency are greatly improved. Secondly, an adjustable device is also arranged in the truss, and the user can appropriately adjust according to the triangular truss structure, which can be used multiple times, which reduces the use of the material of the tire frame and the labor for manufacturing the tire frame, thereby reducing the cost.


Moreover, the components of the assembled DJ triangle lighting truss can be used in the installation after the splitting, and the transfer is very convenient, and the position can be directly transferred by the mechanical equipment, which saves a lot of time and is beneficial to the completion of the construction target.


In fact, the current engineering application of DJ triangular lighting trusses is more and more extensive. For users, the vertical assembly technology of DJ triangle lighting truss can be widely applied to the space engineering with triangular truss, which can bring considerable benefits in terms of cost, construction period and safety. It is worthy of reference for similar projects.