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Different structural design features and applications of ringlock scaffolding aluminum staircase

Dec 07, 2018

ringlock scaffolding aluminum staircase products can be divided into single width and double width. The single width products are mainly used in the case of limited space for building aluminum scaffolding. Single-width aluminum scaffolding is generally not built. More than 12 meters high. The double-width aluminum alloy scaffold is widely used in various occasions, the area is increased, and the stability is stable in a single width.

At the same time, the bearing capacity of the two is different. The single-width ringlock scaffolding aluminum staircase products can carry a total load capacity of 750KG, a single-layer load-bearing capacity of 230KG, a double-width full-frame bearing capacity of 900KG, and a single-layer load-bearing capacity of 272KG. In terms of length selection, the single width and double width length are generally 2.0 meters long, and the special order can be selected to be 2.5 meters or 3.0 meters long.

In addition, due to the different ways of the upper and lower ringlock scaffolding aluminum staircase, the vertical ladder type aluminum alloy scaffold adopts double width design and is stable and reliable, and is widely applicable to the occasions without being limited by the ground space; and the vertical ladder structure design can save work space. It can also reduce the time of the frame. The exquisite and flexible combination makes the scaffolding widely used, suitable for various occasions such as stairs, super high requirements and other occasions.