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Details of aluminum truss

Jan 21, 2020

Usage:Concert; Events; Exhibition; Wedding; Performance; Show And So On 

Truss Material: 6061-T6/6082-T6

Truss TypeSpigot Truss Or Screw Truss

Light Duty Truss200*200mm; 220*220mm; 290*290mm; 300*300mm, Customized

Medium Duty Truss390*390mm; 400*400mm; 450*450mm; 520*520mm; 400*600mm; 500*600mm; Customized

Heavy Duty Truss520*760mm; 600*760mm; 600*900mm; 670*1010mm; 

Customized Truss Shape Ladder Truss; Triangular Truss; Square Truss; Arch Truss; Circle Truss; Folding Truss

Main Tube Thickness:φ25*3mm; φ32*3mm; φ38*3mm; φ50*3mm; φ50*4mm; φ60*6mm

Vice Tube Thickness:φ20*2mm; φ25*2mm; φ50*2mm; φ50*3mm

Brace Tube Thicknessφ:16*1.2mm; φ20*2mm; φ25*2mm; φ30*2mmLength0.5m; 1m; 1.5m; 2m; 3m; 4m; 

Customized Color Aluminum Alloy Own Color; Black; Blue; Red; Yellow; Customized