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Design requirements and advantage analysis of aluminum bolt truss

Jan 11, 2018

1.Design requirements of aluminum bolt truss:

In order to guarantee the effect,we need to meet certain requirements,first of all to ensure the enough strength of aluminum truss bolts, on the basis of not break or plastic deformation, but also has enough rigidity, too does not occur in elastic deformation of the basic requirements.And enough stability, that is, in use, does not occur because of a sudden shift in the form of equilibrium that leads to collapse.

Aluminum Bolt truss.jpg

2. Advantage analysis of aluminum bolt truss:

Aluminum bolt truss not only has obvious advantages in material selection, but also has obvious advantages in structure design and production cost.For example, aluminum bolt trusses are mainly subjected to tension or pressure, which can give full play to the role of materials, save materials and reduce structural weight.