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Description of Aluminum Mobile Tower

Dec 30, 2019

The aluminum tower  accord with Europe safety standard EN1004 completely. Also supply to you scaffolding assembled. Its construction can save platform space, reduce the build time, can avoid that work ignore to build climb ladder. Work platform can build  in each rung, each interval height 50cm, It is very flexible and parts utilize rate  due to its perfect assemble function. Best choice for cleaning and maintaining.


Our platform is light, safe and easily assembly & dismantled, it is made of aluminum with high-strenth construction,weighing as 80% lighter than stell system. with fewer components than steel scaffold, assembly & dismantled costs are significantly reduced. Our products have no special cleaning or maintenance with high durability, it is ideal for outdoor/indoor in stallation and maintenance compliant with international safety standards.including wall-painting, roof-installation,sign-writing,electric-fitting etc.


safety guides:
1. Ensure casters are locked and platform window is closed during working.
2. Maximum 2 persons working on one platform.
3.Ensure helmet and other personal protection equipments are worn all the time.
4. Distance between step and guardrail must be less than 900mm.