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Describe the flexibility of stage truss

May 03, 2018

It is very common to use trusses in our activities, and we will consider various factors when choosing trusses. The flexibility of the truss is one of them, because we may encounter in the activity needs to change the installation of the truss, this time of the truss flexible performance will play a big role.

The display of stage trusses can make the stage truss be liked by a large number of stage planners. And aluminum alloy truss has strong overall, aluminum alloy truss beautiful shape, quick change, comply with the door inside and outside all sorts of fashion show, celebration, product launches, studio, all kinds of stage, is currently the truss by the prevalence of farewell.

Because the stage truss is heavy, the device is very different. From the overall thinking, choose a big steel truss air assembly, high block device, and unlike air assembly, high bulk spell poor operation condition, truss in high altitude and docking process, construction safe and truss degree, vertical degree and welding quality control is very difficult.

The stage trusses are continuously in the construction of trusses, the stage truss is relatively late compared to the truss and square truss, but the application is more than the circular tube truss and the square tube truss. The overall performance of the stage truss structure is very superior, the stiffness is large and the surface is beautiful, the manufacture, the device, the turning and lifting are easy. In the stage of truss unit assembly, docking, installation time, welding quality, degree of deformation control, dimension control, elevation, verticality control, all bring greater difficulty steel truss field assembly.

Stage truss made by the cold-formed thin-walled steel tube truss, with light, good rigidity, thriftiness steel structure, and can full play to advantages of material strength, especially in the controlled by the slenderness ratio of compressive bar and the supporting system using the more economical. The sensitive display of the stage truss does not mean the device is sensitive. The outdoor assembly of some activities is significantly different from that in the factory, which is affected by weather, temperature, operating platform, welding equipment, welding materials, and site.

General stage with aluminum alloy truss, compared with aluminum alloy set the stage for steel truss and truss is more easy and quick, and it can also be a flexible, that is why it will be welcome.