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Construction and surface treatment of aluminium stage truss

Jul 13, 2017

The construction of the truss in the aluminum stage is a very important process, whether it is indoors or outdoors, and such products are essential, in order to effectively extend the life of its aluminum stage truss, in peacetime need to It is regularly checked and maintained.

The use of the aluminum stage is not a one-time, the product in the use of the process need to be reused, the product also need to know how to maintain the stage truss, in the cleaning process, do not like cleaning other furniture, with its rag for hard Rub, because a long time will be on the truss surface friction, loss of the original gloss.

This will make the truss of the aluminum stage look very worn, that is, the use of cloth can not use coarse cloth or old clothes, because it will scratches on the stage truss, in the cleaning process must not use clean Or soapy water for cleaning.

Aluminum truss surface is very easy to be corroded, in the course of the need for regular re-truss to take anti-corrosion treatment, the product in the rust after the part of the spray wax or anti-corrosion anti-rust paint, The pins and rivets should also be checked regularly.

If the truss of its aluminum stage is the spray paint treatment, in the course of the use of its water can be used to wipe it, the quality of all equipment products must be followed by the protection is very important, all products shelf life of one year.

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