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Concert lighting truss structure type and making characteristics

Feb 09, 2018

If according to the different structure to distinguish concert truss, can be divided into triangle, trapezoid, polygons, fasting truss and other categories. Triangle concert lighting truss load distribution along the span of the node, the upper and lower chords of the axial force at the end of the largest, gradually reduced to the span; and the web's axial force is the opposite.


Trapezoidal concert lighting trusses and triangular trusses compared to the rod stress has been improved, and for the roof truss can be more easily meet the requirements of some industrial plant processes. If the trapezoidal concert truss lighting truss parallel to the lower string is parallel to the chord truss, rod stress slightly worse than trapezoidal, but the web type greatly reduced.


In the polygon concert lighting truss, the winding node is located on the second parabola, such as winding up the arc can reduce the inland load bending moment; fasting concert truss basically take the shape of polygonal truss, the winding point between the straight line , Non-oblique abdominal rod, only the vertical rod and upper and lower chord phase connection, construction and manufacturing convenience.


No matter what kind of structure of the concert truss lighting, requiring the use of four-sided welding form, so than two sides of the welding more solid; the same time using the national standard high-strength aluminum alloy material and fish scale solder joints, solder joints uniform, Do not leak welding, truss to ensure the degree of security.


The surface of the truss lighting truss should be polished and the professional syrup should be packaged and cleaned before leaving the factory. Usually, there will be a professional truss positioning platform mold with precise hole positions for quick and easy installation and disassembly, ensuring beautiful appearance.