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Comparison of the advantages of the structure of the aluminum stage platform for concerts

Dec 19, 2018

Compared with the iron stage, the aluminum stage platform for concerts is not only more convenient to build in practical applications, but also will not rust, be more beautiful and lighter for long-term use. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, the service life is several times longer than the iron stage, and the daily maintenance of the concert aluminum stage platform is simple. At the same time, new elements are added to the connection method, which makes the stage more stable and faster to set up and disassemble.


The main advantages of the aluminum stage platform for concerts include: 1. The stage is made of high-quality aluminum, each part has been precisely designed, and the details are handled very well; 2. The practical structural construction method is introduced to make the stage more stable.


Maintenance of aluminum stage platform for concert: 1. It is strictly forbidden to collide with hard objects during the use process, sharp scraping, crowbar beat; 2. If the aluminum alloy is dirty, clean it with water and dry it; 3, after use It is necessary to clean the board surface in time to keep the board surface dry; 4. After use, if it is not used for a long time, it is required to be ventilated, sun-proof, rainproof and moisture-proof.