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Comparison of safety performance advantages between aluminum scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding

Aug 16, 2018

The safety performance of aluminum scaffolding and steel pipe scaffolding is as follows:

1. Safety of connecting parts;

The grid aluminum alloy scaffolding uses a straight-through and three-way connection. The quick-installing head uses a full-enclosed design that does not break. The connecting member is manufactured using extruded aluminum profiles. Compared to the die-casting head, it does not break. , stressed.

2. The safety performance of the standard implementation of the product;

The aluminum scaffolding is produced in Europe's highest safety standard, HD1004, which is specified by the European Union and implemented in most countries of the European Union. This standard is based on long-term testing of university laboratories. At present, there are only national standards for scaffolding for scaffolding in China, and the relevant standards are not specified for aluminum scaffolding.

3. Set up the safety performance of using the disassembly process;