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Comparison of Flight Boxes and Traditional EFP Systems

Sep 15, 2017


Today, people's amateur life more and more colorful, one of the most popular should be on the TV program. In order to cater to the preferences of the public, in recent years, major television stations in the production of television programs, also had to rack their brains. In this way, for the traditional EFP system put forward higher requirements, at this time, the flight  case  EFP system came into being.

In other words, compared to this new EFP system can be more reasonable and more professional arrangements for the production of the division of labor, but also because of this, the EFP system has gradually become the new darling of the program production. In fact, we usually say that the EFP system usually refers to the studio and OB truck EFP system. The so-called EFP way is actually the meaning of electronic production, which belongs to the development of television technology products.

In the actual work, we call the EFP way can generally be seen as a combination of a variety of devices from the system collectively, including a set of video, audio and call equipment. Here, in fact, we should be able to realize that in order to use this set of EFP system, in fact, the middle is a more complex process, and the need to arrange a lot of staff. The EFP system, which we described above, is usually called a flight box.


lightweight flight case

The system actually contains a lot of equipment, in general, in fact, the EFP system is the video, audio and call the system of various types of equipment, in accordance with the specific requirements of the use of these different devices were installed in the appropriate location , And the installation of a variety of shock pads, so as not to be shocked during transport to ensure the safety of equipment. This installation of a variety of TV equipment box, known as the flight box.

In general, the use of this box in the production of the program, can provide a lot of convenience, the most important thing is that it can also be a flexible combination, it is very popular with the major television.

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