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Commonly used aluminum alloy truss

Jun 29, 2018

Because the aluminum alloy truss made of aluminum alloy material, the quality of light, easy to build, work efficiency, easy disassembly. The strength of the aluminum alloy is higher than that of the iron material, which enhances the load-bearing properties of the truss, making it more stable and more durable. In addition, the surface of the aluminum alloy truss is finished with a certain degree of luster, the decorative effect is good, and the dimness of the iron truss is easier to be compared. People accept.

The aluminum alloy truss can be used to build platforms of different sizes depending on various venues. It is widely used in mobile, ceremonies, performances, exhibitions, exhibitions, fairs, booths, food festivals and other occasions. Because this product is a flexible combination, it can be set up freely. First, four bases should be laid out in the approximate position on the ground, and the following legs should be adjusted so that they are in a horizontal plane.

Aluminum alloy truss is now commonly used, and in the market, aluminum alloy truss is also a best-selling one. The weight of the aluminum alloy material is lighter than that of the iron material, and it is easy for the staff to carry it during construction or transportation, thereby improving the efficiency. Compared with other stages, it is a more practical one, and it is widely concerned about its economy and practicality.