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Characteristics and skill of aluminum double extension ladder

Mar 08, 2019

The aluminum double extension ladder is not only excellent in material, but also has a special structure. The twisting technique is used when the walking stick and the ladder frame are connected, which can effectively prevent the twisting damage caused by the impact of the walking stick. The ladder frame on both sides is an overweight I-shaped ladder frame, which is firm and durable. Moreover, the aluminum alloy walking stick has anti-slip property, and when the safety ladder is correctly erected, the walking stick is comfortable and safe. The screw of the step foot is not subjected to force, and the ladder frame directly acts on the step foot.
Considering the safety issue, you should pay more attention when using aluminum double extension ladders. First, the aluminum double extension ladder should be consolidated. The pillars of the ladder should be able to accept the weight of the workers and the things they carry, the total weight of the materials when they are climbed. The crosspieces of the hard ladders should be embedded in the pillars.
When using aluminum double-extension ladders on hardened ground, rubber sleeves or rubber pads should be added to the ladder legs. When using ladders on mud soil, iron tips should be installed on the ladder legs. When working horizontally on the tower, the two ends of the ladder should be firmly connected to the fixed objects before the operation. Generally, one person should work on the ladder. When using a single ladder operation, the angle between the ladder and the ground is about 60 degrees, which is not suitable for binding.