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Basic requirements for mini lighting truss spigot truss

Jan 04, 2019

The miniature lighting truss truss truss is much smaller than the traditional iron truss system, which saves the user a lot of cost and effort in the construction and transportation operations. Micro-illuminated truss truss products should meet some basic requirements. First, they should have sufficient strength so that no fracture or plastic deformation occurs during use.


Secondly, the miniature truss truss truss should have sufficient rigidity as a whole to prevent significant elastic deformation during use. Furthermore, it is sufficiently stable that collapse does not occur due to a sudden transition of the equilibrium form. At the same time, it should have good dynamic characteristics to meet the requirements of seismic and wind resistance.


The design requirements for the miniature truss truss truss mainly include: the need for a rod that meets the requirements; there must be good joints, including the connection of rivets, pins and welds. When considering these issues, a comprehensive analysis should be combined with factors such as the type of truss, the size of the members, and the materials.