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Are you choosing the casters for aluminum scaffolding?

Nov 19, 2019

 Aluminum scaffolding is also known as mobile quick-loading aluminum scaffolding, and it is precisely because of the caster that it can help the aluminum scaffold to move quickly. However, in reality, if you choose the wrong caster, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the use. On the front side, we can say what kind of caster is more suitable for aluminum scaffolding.

1. It is important to be important. Generally, the aluminum scaffold itself is not too heavy, but if the items are placed on the top, the weight of the entire shelf will increase, and the load-bearing of the casters is also very important. Generally, the load-bearing of casters to 720KG can basically meet all the load-bearing needs of all aluminum scaffolding.

2. Try not to use iron fittings. Due to the situation of the construction site, there may be water accumulation, or the aluminum alloy scaffolding is exposed to water due to the weather. However, the aluminum alloy scaffold itself is made of aluminum alloy. It is not harmful if it is in contact with water, but if the caster has an iron part, then it must be Will be affected.

3. Select the caster with double pedal structure. There are two designs for locking and unlocking casters: single and double. The difference between them is that the single pedal is stepped on and the brake is locked. When it is necessary to unlock the movement, it is necessary to lift the hand upwards, and restore the original stepped part. It is very difficult to use, and it is more difficult to use the hand after a long time. The double-pedal structure has no such problem. He has a foot position on both sides of the caster. The one-step side is brake-locked, and the other side can be unlocked without using a portable pull. And the double pedal structure load is 720KG, and the single pedal structure is generally only 300-600KG.