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Application range of combined aluminum scaffolding

Sep 12, 2018

The combined aluminum scaffolding is easy to set up, safer and more stable. All components of the combined aluminum scaffold are made of special aluminum alloy, which is 75% lighter than traditional steel frames. At the same time, the connection strength of each component is high, and the new cold working process of internal expansion and external pressure is adopted, and the breaking force of the scaffold joint is even 4100 to 4400Kg.


When assembled, the modular aluminum scaffolding is equipped with high-strength casters for easy movement. The overall structure is designed in a “building block” combination, and the price of aluminum scaffolding does not require any installation tools. The aluminum alloy used in this scaffolding is light and durable, and the vertical ladder configuration increases the working space and reduces the construction time.


According to different height requirements, the working platform can be adjusted at the time of construction. Application scope of combined aluminum alloy scaffolding: including (aviation, electric power, fire, construction, telecommunications, film and television, exhibition, school, cleaning, advertising, hotel mall building, subway, railway, enterprises and institutions) maintenance and installation.