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Application of Aluminum assemble glass Stage equipment and its component materials

Mar 20, 2019

As a way of promoting modern products, the stage has been widely used by major advertisements and enterprises. Because of the wide variety of these various stage constructions and the use of stage equipment, the stage lighting equipment market exists, aluminum assembly. The glass stage is a relatively common one.


The wood-panel stage of the Aluminum assemble glass Stage is composed of 18mm thick plexiglass or tempered glass and a high-hardness aluminum alloy frame. It is composed of a lifting pipe, an adjustable base, a stage column, a stage bracket and a stage board.


The stage board of the aluminum assembly glass stage can be selected from bamboo plywood, waterproof board, non-slip board, plexiglass, tempered glass and carpet rubber panel; the materials of the stage bracket and the column are made of national standard 6061-T6 and 6082-T6 high quality aluminum. The hardness is 16 degrees and there is enough capacity to bear the pressure. The height of the aluminum assembly glass stage can be adjusted through the lift tube and the stage column, and is widely used in large outdoor indoor performances, fashion shows and some entertainment activities.