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Analyze the quality of aluminum alloy truss

Jun 28, 2018

We usually use the rigid joints for engineering truss joints.Aluminum truss can use hinged joints for calculation.The space truss is composed of multiple planes, each of which can decompose the force, and its static load can be calculated according to the plane truss.From the perspective of mechanics, the axial force distribution of the upper and lower chord is average, and the axial force of the lower and lower chord is small, so the material is less.

We usually calculate based on dynamic and static load when use in the construction of the aluminum  truss is generally, the static load generally include wind, earthquake, running vehicles and other forces.The static load of different shapes is also different.For example, the setting of the stage, the company's flowing celebration, as well as the background layout, will use the aluminum truss.

6061 - T6 aluminum in aluminum truss is usually made of a series of cutting, grinding, machining, welding, painting, such as processing combination, the application is very extensive, people don't pay attention to knowledge.Relative to the iron truss.First, from the perspective of manufacturing, the reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete truss are polygonal or trapezoid, while the steel truss is trapezoid or parallel chord, and the wooden truss is triangular.

By distinguishing aluminum truss is good or bad. First, we need to check whether the welding is fine, the size is accurate, the welder is regular, and whether there are any cases where the parts cannot be matched.The second high quality truss is treated by dipping acid, with a bright silver surface.The third best truss is packed in bubble bags to ensure no wear and tear during transportation.The two ends of the high quality truss are flat and polished.http://www.aluscaffold.com/