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Analyze several components of aluminum alloy trusses

Jul 16, 2018

Aluminum alloy trusses, generally composed of straight rods, have a planar or spatial structure with triangular elements. When in use, one end of the crossbar is inserted into the hole of the base and screwed. One end of the diagonal rod is fixed on the aluminum alloy light frame of the column with a single buckle ring, and the other end is screwed at one end of the extension of the support of the cross bar.


Aluminum alloy truss square cover: The function of the square sleeve is to connect the aluminum alloy lighting frame of the column and the aluminum alloy lighting frame of the beam. When the chain hoist is used to move the square sleeve, the beam can be moved up and down. The diagonal support consists of two parts, a diagonal rod and a cross rod. The square sleeve is different from the six-sided joint. The six-sided joint cannot be moved up and down after connecting the beam, and the square sleeve can be moved.


Aluminum alloy truss chain hoist: one end is fixed on the top of the column light frame, so that one end is connected to the beam aluminum alloy lighting frame, and the zipper is swayed by hand, then the beam aluminum alloy lighting frame is picked up. The crossbar is black painted iron and the diagonal bar is made of aluminum alloy. Under the load, the truss bar is mainly subjected to the axial tensile force or pressure, so that the strength of the material can be fully utilized. When the span is large, the material can be saved compared with the solid web, the self-weight and the rigidity are reduced, so it is suitable for a large span. Load-bearing structures and high-rise structures, such as roof trusses, bridges, transmission line towers, satellite launch towers, hydraulic gates, cranes, etc.


Aluminum truss diagonal bracing: The diagonal bracing is used to reinforce the position of the booth. When used, it is fixed on the four pillar aluminum alloy lighting frames at the four corners of the booth to strengthen the booth. The inside of the square sleeve is provided with a pulley so that the square sleeve can slide vertically along the direction of the column. When using, screw the cross arm to the top of the column truss, then hang the chain hoist on the top, and then buy the frog to buy the beam frame.


Aluminum alloy truss cross arm: The role of the cross arm is to fix the upper end of the chain hoist, which should be subjected to large forces, so it is generally made of steel.