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Analysis on the Production Principle of Aluminum Base

Sep 16, 2017

Do not know if you have to understand the aluminum plate of the production process, in fact, in the entire production process, we need to follow certain principles, then you know that specific include what principles? The following together to understand the content of this, hoping to be able to help.

In fact, in the aluminum base of the production process, we can use a different process to carry out. In general, when the use of aluminum and intermediate alloy in the process of melting, you need to add aluminum material, then add the alloy. In other words, in the course of operation, need to pay attention to master the correct feeding order. For example, if you are using prefabricated alloy floss for smelting, then you should first join the prefabricated alloy chain.

And then can add the other materials needed, such as a certain amount of aluminum material or alloy material. If the charge used is composed of prisoners and aluminum, then the first part of the charge should be the first part of the melting. This ensures a uniform melting, which can improve the quality of the aluminum base. In addition, if the charge capacity is sufficient to load a variety of charge at the same time, then should be added to the melting point of similar ingredients.


aluminum base plate

In addition, in the aluminum base of the production process, in the feeding process, should be added in the final stage of those easy to burn and low melting point of the charge, such as magnesium and zinc. If it is continuously melted, then it should be ensured that a certain amount of aluminum is retained in the crucible to accelerate the melting of the next furnace.

In addition, if the aluminum base we make is special and need to cover the flux, then the flux should be added when the charge begins to melt. In simple terms, the so-called cast aluminum, in fact, is in the molten state of aluminum poured into the mold, and then cooled to get the required shape of aluminum parts of a process.

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