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Aluminum formwork Props Support System for Construction Usage

Mar 17, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Material:Aluminum

  • Type:Fixed

  • Scaffolding Part Type:formwork Props

  • Construction Properties:Building formwork

  • Origin:China

  • HS Code:84806000

Product Description
Aluminum formwork Support System for Construction Usage

Product Description:

In building construction, the costs of aluminum formwork has account 20%-30% for the total costs, when removed the aluminum formwork, it account 5-50% total time. Compare with the traditional timber form work, the aluminum formwork has obvious advantages.

1. Easy: It is about 22-25kg/m2, light weight means only a single worker could move the Aluminum Formwork easily.

2. Efficient: The Aluminum Formwork System is joined by the pin, it is two times fast than wood formwork to install and dismantle, so it could save more work and work time.

3. Saving: The Aluminum Formwork system supports early-dismantling application, the construction working cycle is 4-5 days per floor, it is effective for cost saving in human resource and construction management. The Aluminum Formwork can be re-used more than 300 times, the economic cost is very low of every time.

4. Safety: It could load 30-40KN/M2, which could reduce the safety loophole leaded by the construction and materials.

5. Environment friendly: The formwork could also be recovered after seless, it avoids the waste.

6. Value Maintain: The aluminum scrap can be recycled. The recycled price can be 905 of the aluminum ingot.

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