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Aluminum truss features

Jan 23, 2018

TRUSS, also known as aluminum truss, it is widely used in entertainment industry, exhibitions, also building constructions, advertisement market and sport events market…, etc. Because of its light weight, load-bearing capacity, easy handling and beautiful appearance.

E.g., an Aluminum Truss with a cross section of 30cm *40cm, can reach the maximum span of 20 meters, without pillar in the middle. And it can load about 150kg at the center. But its weight is only one third of the iron one. And for a 52cm*76cm, it can reach 40 meters of maximum span.


Aluminum Alloy tube, EN-A6061 T6 is used for Truss system, as its good Chemical and Mechanical Properties. Usually, the main tube is 50*3mm/2*0.12inch with braces. Aluminum Alloy truss, not easy to deformation and wear-out, corrosion resistance, light weighted but larger load-bearing capacity for best choice.


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