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Aluminum truss components

Dec 27, 2019

A complete set of aluminum alloy truss system: It is mainly assembled by various aluminum alloy trusses with different lengths and specifications, base, reverse head, diagonal support, square sleeve, cross arm, hoist, sling, bumper and other accessories.

1. Truss base: can be divided into two kinds of iron and aluminum base. Mainly used for ground stabilization.

2.Truss inverted head: It is used when the construction height is high, and it can be used to elevate the higher height through the inverted head.

3. Truss diagonal support: used to support the stability of the entire system of aluminum alloy truss.

4. Truss square cover: Through the square cover, the height of the beam can be easily adjusted.

5. Truss cross arm: at the top of the truss, it is mainly used for hanging hoist.

6.Truss hoist: It can be divided into two types: hand-pull and electric hoist for lifting aluminum alloy trusses.

7.Truss frame sling: a tie connecting the hoist with the aluminum alloy truss.

8.Truss frame bumper: placed under the square sleeve to share part of the pressure of the square sleeve and the beam.