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Aluminum telescopic closing ladder requirements and preparations

Nov 08, 2018

When the aluminum telescopic closing ladder is in use, we need to pull the ladder with both hands and then press the connecting lever down, so that the ladder can be placed on the ground without shaking. The aluminum telescopic closing ladder can accumulate heavy objects when the ladder is placed, so as to avoid deformation, and it is not allowed to be placed in an acid, alkali or corrosive place.

After the aluminum telescopic closing ladder is used, in order to avoid taking up space, it needs to be folded. When folding, it is recommended to pull up behind the wide step and close it to the wall. In addition to the need to pay attention to the use of aluminum ladders, daily maintenance is also indispensable.

Aluminum telescopic closing ladders should be kept away from doors, windows, corners or passages as far as possible. If it is necessary to work near the above areas, roadblocks or warning signs should be placed nearby. Make sure there is no heat and moisture near the ladder.

What should be done before the aluminum telescopic closing ladder is used?

1. Ensure that all rivets, bolts and nuts and moving parts are tightly connected, the steps and steps are firm and reliable, and the extension circlips and hinges work well.

2. The ladder is kept clean and free of grease, oil, wet paint, mud, snow, etc.

3. The operator's shoes are kept clean and no leather shoes are allowed.