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Aluminum Stage Collapsible brings convenience to costumers.

Dec 21, 2017

Aluminum Stage Collapsible is very convenient whether it is installation, handling or  demolition and save times.With the flexible characteristics,it has good application characteristics.That is to say,the product can be used separately or in a large flowing place with spigot truss or plate truss.

When used alone,it can be used to carry lights,acoustics and other equipment.Especially when outdoor use,can be used together with different color roof.

Aluminum Stage Collapsible.jpg

Compared with traditional steel stage, Aluminum Stage Collapsible is not only more convenient and flexible,but also it won't rust and has advantages like:high repeated utilization rate, light and beautiful appearance to satisfy the different regulating occasions such as outdoor and indoor use.

Aluminum folding stage has longer service life, It has economic cost in total, and the daily maintenance is relatively simple.In short, the aluminum folding stage has many advantages, thus making it popular with people