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Aluminum scaffolding tower is safely built and used

Jul 04, 2019

Mobile aluminum scaffolding tower is different from the common fixed iron scaffolding platform, and improper use is also an important reason. How to safely use aluminum scaffolding? Need to pay attention to the following matters:


1. Safety inspection; all components and pipes need to be inspected before construction and use of aluminum scaffolding to ensure that the components are intact and the pipes are free of cracks, squeezing and bumps.


2. When constructing, make sure that the ground for the construction and movement of the aluminum scaffolding provides sufficient stable and strong support.


3. When working in an environment with external support, consult the supplier or manufacturer and work under the guidance of the supplier.


4. When moving aluminum alloy scaffolding, you need to pay attention to the nearby electrical appliances, such as wires in the air.


5. When moving aluminum scaffolding, everyone must leave the scaffolding and clean up all the debris under the rack.


In fact, for the scaffolding industry, it is necessary to work together to avoid security incidents. For example, aluminum scaffolding enterprises need to produce safe and high-quality products; for the purchaser, while purchasing cost-effective, the purchase of safe and high-quality aluminum scaffolding should be considered more importantly; as the operator who actually uses aluminum scaffolding, Standardized use is a direct guarantee for its own safety.