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Aluminum scaffolding tower advantages, the relevant parameters and operating attention

Mar 08, 2018

When using Aluminum scaffold towers,it’s easy to assemble and disassemble, besides independent use, also can form large structures used for elevator, the staircase, site construction, etc., aluminum scaffolding tower for use by the aluminum alloy material is the intellectual man fit more solid; The vertical climbing frame on the aluminum scaffolding tower increases the space at work and also reduces the build time.

when using the aluminum scaffolding tower, it is necessary to pay attention to the platform itself.After that, the aluminum scaffolding tower will be used, and there will be a number of accessories, which will be able to meet the needs of different projects.

Then we talk about parameters of the aluminum scaffold towers, the width of the tower is 0.75 meters.The main length is 2 meters, 2.5 meters, 3 meters;The height is usually 9 meters;This kind of equipment can be used for straight climbing, inclined ladder or walking ladder;The width of 0.75 m is bound to make aluminium alloy scaffolding especially suitable for work in limited space.

After that, the parameters of the aluminum scaffold towers will include its usage, which will be used in the first point, which will be used for the construction of escalators or escalators.After that, the application of the aluminum scaffolding tower is itself to be able to pass through the ordinary door or pedestrian passage;In addition, the aluminum scaffold towers itself is the small and delicate, convenient for the delivery of small goods vehicles.

The structural components of the aluminum scaffold towers will remain horizontal and vertical to a large extent.Make sure the adjustable feet are in place.The platform height can not be increased by adjustable feet, they are only used to adjust the level.When using the aluminum scaffold towers, it should be noted that when the personnel, tools or materials are on the platform, they cannot be adjusted.