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Aluminum scaffolding structure features and the use of guidance

Aug 16, 2017

【Key words】 aluminum scaffolding

[Overview] on the scaffolding, if its material is made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, then we can call it an aluminum scaffold. So, on this kind of scaffolding, below, will be introduced to its description in order to let everyone familiar with it, rather than ignorant of it, in this regard is a blank.

1. Aluminum scaffold structure
Aluminum scaffolding, its structural characteristics, mainly in the following are:

Structural features 1: parts light weight, therefore, convenient and you want that the installation, handling and storage of these jobs. Its weight, only one-third of the steel structure scaffolding, so, will not let the ground damage.
Structural features Second: the whole, is the use of "building blocks" of this combination design, the components used in the standardization of components, and that there is no spare parts. Therefore, parts are easy to purchase and replace.

Aluminum Ringlock Scaffold 1.jpg

                                                             Aluminum Ringlock Scaffold

Structural features Three: aluminum scaffolds between the components, the connection strength and stability is good, so the whole structure is safe and stable. In addition, you can also bear a certain weight.
2. Preparation of aluminum scaffold before use
Aluminum scaffolding, before use, is to have some preparation work, so the following to a brief description.

(1) should be in use before, prepare the necessary tools, so that you can use at any time. But also to do its inspection work, should be carefully carefully carried out, whether there are problems or security risks, and sometimes timely solution to solve.
(2) to clean the scaffolding, if the above is dusty or dirty, then, should be removed clean. Its height, if the height from the ground above 1.5 meters, then, should also have a seat belt, can not be omitted.

3. Use of aluminum scaffolds
(1) aluminum scaffolding, which should be used on a horizontal ground, and if it is strong and stable. If necessary, you can take some safety precautions to ensure the safety of use.
(2) it is bearing the upper limit of the load, so, can not be overloaded to avoid damage to the scaffolding. In addition, for its use of the environment, but also pay attention to, if there is strong wind, then, can not be used. In addition, for the above-mentioned operating personnel, is not allowed to directly from one side to the other side.
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